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Amut conveyor has ergonomic benefits

Issue: January 2019

Amut, which makes equipment for a wide variety of processes, including extrusion and thermoforming, is offering a new ergonomic conveyor for transporting thermoformed products.

The Easy Lift conveyor from Amut North America is ideal for transporting thermoformed products./Amut North America

The Easy Lift can be raised or lowered depending on operator needs. Amut offers either a 90-degree-angle discharge conveyor or a longitudinal discharge conveyor.

“Easy Lift has been developed to facilitate the operator movements and working conditions, thus lowering the height for items,” said Alfredo Banfi, director of sales for Amut-Comi, Vigevano, Italy.

Available in a variety of configurations, including custom designs and sizes, the conveyor can be used in non-thermoforming applications; however, Banfi said it’s especially useful for thermoformers looking to automate their packing processes.

Controls for the conveyor, which fits all thermoformers, can be integrated with Amut machines. When used along with thermoformers from other manufacturers, it has its own HMI.

Banfi cited several benefits of the system: “It is user-friendly equipment, it can be integrated with other machines available on the market with different configurations. It has a high level of customization on the [basis] of customer requirements.”

Karen Hanna, copy editor


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