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Rotomolder teams with robotics firm

Issue: December 2017

STP Rotomachinery, a maker of rotomolding machines, has announced a partnership with CFM Robotics to market its Satellite-66 mobile robotic automation cell to rotomolding companies, a new segment for CFM.

The Satellite-66 mobile robotic automation cell

The Satellite-66 features an integrated robot for downstream operations such as spindle machining, laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting.

“Many rotomolded products need cutting, trimming or holes drilled,” said Michel Truax, STP Rotomachinery sales director. “By using the robot, you get a more uniform, repeatable result and save on labor costs.”

The Satellite-66 cell can be docked by a conveyor. Because the cell is mounted on casters, users can move it from one work station to another. Once moved, an integrated program calibrates the cell in its new environment to compensate for any potential problems in positioning. An optional vision system can recognize and inspect colors, dimensions and finishes of various types of surfaces.

“We know our customers’ business, and we know their needs,” Truax said. “We’re not just selling and installing equipment; we do training also. With robots, you have to create programs. We will train our customers to do it themselves.”

Phillip Britt, correspondent


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CFM Robotics,
Sherbrooke, Quebec, 819-846-1797, www.cfmrobotique.com/en

STP Rotomachinery Inc.,
Sherbrooke, Quebec, 819-846-2787, www.stprotomachinery.com