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Paladin enhances dispensing system

Issue: December 2017

At the recent Rotoplas show in Chicago, Paladin Sales unveiled a pressure-vacuum-feeding capability for its RotoLoad Powder Dispensing System, which is more efficient and reduces labor compared to traditional gravity-loading systems, owner Terrance Gillian said. RotoLoad is an automatic system that weighs powdered PE and dispenses it directly into the mold of the rotomolding machine.

The addition of pressure feeding enables Paladin to expand its customer base, Gillian said. “Some plants can’t use gravity-fed systems; the ceilings are too low,” he said. “With a gravity-fed system, you have to have someone go up steps and lift a basket to pour in from [the] top.”

The pressure-feeding capability eliminates the need for a worker to climb a ladder to load the powder, reducing the potential for injuries.

The RotoLoad is available in the following configurations:
• The Integral System features a stand-alone, self-contained hopper, individual vacuum loader and filter system. The gaylord for the powder is positioned within a few feet of the system, which can have hoppers with capacities of 50 pounds, 150 pounds or 300 pounds. The system can dispense powder at 360 pounds per minute and can reload at about 15 to 20 pounds per minute, according to the company.
• The Central System uses a floor-mounted vacuum pump that is capable of managing up to six separate RotoLoad Powder Dispensing Systems. It has enough power to feed resin powder from a distance, such as from a silo. The Central System also features a much faster reloading cycle of about 50 pounds a minute, and can be configured with various combinations of the three sizes of hoppers.

An operator controls the system with a touch screen, and can enter charge weights manually, or automatically, using Paladin’s bar-code-scanning technology for identifying molds automatically.

Phillip Britt, correspondent



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