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New Haitian Mars II press blasts off

Issue: November 2018

To increase the machines’ efficiency, reliability and precision, Haitian has upgraded its Mars series of servo-hydraulic injection presses with the launch of the Mars II S series.

The Mars II S machines replace the Mars II line, even though Haitian anticipates launching the next-generation Mars III machines late next year; the Mars III series was featured in a sneak preview at NPE2018.

The Mars II S servo-hydraulic injection molding machine/Absolute Haitian Corp.

“Haitian doesn’t sit on improvements. They took steps to integrate new features without waiting for a complete turnover in the model,” said Glenn Frohring, an owner of Absolute Haitian, which is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. and Canada for Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co. Ltd., Ningbo, China.

The new series encompasses 25 sizes of presses, with clamping forces ranging from 67 to 3,709 tons. It is a robust, general-purpose line, suited for molding a wide range of parts, including industrial products, housewares, containers and automotive components, the company said. Machines in the series come standard with a Keba 2880 controller.

Haitian said it has shrunk the overall footprint of the machine for higher productivity per square foot and reduced the oil capacity to lower costs and improve environmental sustainability.

The new machines have ball-type linear guide rails on the clamp to reduce friction for smoother clamp movement. The clamp also moves faster, for improved dry cycle times and lower energy consumption, the company said in a press release announcing the new line.

The moving platen, stationary platen and toggle now have copper graphite bushings that are capable of bearing heavy loads and provide good abrasion resistance; this reduces the need for lubrication. The machines are designed for reduced platen stress and improved mold force stability, which reduces mold wear, the company said.

The Mars II S machines feature a balanced twin-
injection-cylinder design and improved pivoting of the injection unit for easier screw and nozzle changes. They also have more open space at the clamp end to accommodate conveyors.

Absolute Haitian said it is quoting prices on all sizes of the Mars II S machines, and that some press sizes are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Kathy S. Hayes, copy editor



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