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Haitian, Woojin Plaimm debut presses

Issue: January 2019

Haitian showed at Fakuma a new model of its popular Zhafir Zeres line of electric injection molding presses called the Multi-Series.

Haitian’s Multi-Series all-electric injection molding press/Absolute Haitian Corp.

It is the first all-electric Haitian molding machine with a second injection unit. Haitian’s previous multicomponent machines were hydraulic servo-powered. The Multi-Series will be a standard solution instead of an add-on product for companies that need an all-electric, multicomponent press, a Haitian spokesman said.

The company plans to offer the new multicomponent press in clamping forces ranging from 135 tons to 730 tons.

The Multi-Series is a multicomponent version of the popular Zeres line. Hydraulics for ejector, nozzle touch and core pulls are integrated. Haitian said it widens the range of applications an electric machine can perform to include applications traditionally best performed by hydraulic machines.

Haitian said the Multi-Series offers precision, energy efficiency, quiet operation and easy maintenance.

The second injection unit can be mounted in a variety of ways, including vertically, parallel to the main injector or at a right angle.

The Multi-Series is equipped with Haitian’s 15-inch touch screen Sigmatek controller.

Availability of the new line in North America will be announced later.

Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co. Ltd., Ningbo, China, is represented in the U.S. by Absolute Haitian Corp., Worcester, Mass.


South Korean injection molding machine maker Woojin Plaimm introduced its new HD-A5 series of hydraulic presses aimed at precision molding for automotive, electronics and other industries.

The HD-A5 presses are available with clamping forces ranging from 110 tons to 440 tons.

Woojin Plaimm said the molding machines have a central clamp cylinder, linear guides, swiveling injector and a controller from Austrian maker B&R Industrial Automation that has an 18.5-inch touch screen. The controller is web-enabled and Industry 4.0-compatible.

Woojin Plaimm does business in the U.S. as Woojin Plaimm Inc., Mount Prospect, Ill.

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