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Printer can produce parts in full color

Issue: January 2019

XRize Rize’s newest 3-D printer extrudes engineering-grade thermoplastics while simultaneously jetting color inks through industrial printheads, allowing it to produce full-color plastic and composite parts. It is appropriate for a variety of industries and applications, including health care, tooling, consumer parts manufacturing and product testing and prototyping. It features a heated build chamber, auto-leveling build plate and intuitive, high-resolution touch screen. It can perform filament changeovers automatically. Depending on users’ specifications, the printer can produce layers as thin as 0.125mm with an accuracy to within 0.003mm.

What’s new? The printer, which Rize introduced at Formnext in November in Frankfurt, Germany. The XRize can print in 810,000 colors; the new printer also has a 2-inch longer Z-axis.

Benefits Full-color capabilities and ease of use. A special Rize release ink that’s jetted between printed parts and automatically generated supports enable users to quickly remove the supports from their parts.

Rize Inc., Woburn, Mass., 978-699-3085, www.rize3d.com