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Latest HP printer handles larger volumes

Issue: March 2018

Jet Fusion 3D 4210 With its 200-liter materials container, this 3-D printer has the largest capacity in HP’s series of models using the company’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. Using droplet deposition to print parts, it can handle a variety of available polyamide materials, with others, including a PP resin, in development; one of the materials is strong enough to accommodate the needs of molds and tooling.  

What’s new? The use of a bigger processing station and materials container, as well as firmware upgrades, allowing the 4210 to handle larger volumes than other models in the Jet Fusion series.  

Benefits Cost-effective, continuous, high-volume printing. According to the company, the printer is an economic option for manufacturers looking to make as many as 100,000 5-cubic-centimeter parts a day.

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