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Vertical machining unit from Makino is its largest

Issue: January 2019

V90S Makino’s newest five-axis vertical machining center (VMC) is intended for manufacturing medium-sized and large dies and molds. Its slanted-column construction allows it to handle larger workpieces while providing stiffer/more rigid cutting conditions and improving tool life. It can handle workpieces measuring up to 7.2 feet by 4.9 feet by 2.3 feet and weighing up to 11,023 pounds.

What’s new? The size. The V90S, which launched at IMTS 2018 in September, is Makino’s largest VMC.

Benefits Better surface finishes. The 20,000-rpm high-speed motion of the center’s spindle allows for efficient semi-finishing and finishing of complex 3-D geometries and provides tighter tolerances, shorter cycle times and reduced handwork. Also, the VMC’s touch-screen interface offers operator assistance, guidance screens, simplified operation and on-line manuals.

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