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Open Mind readies latest CAM software

Issue: January 2019

hyperMILL Version 2019.1 Open Mind’s new CAM software can program operations for five-axis and 3-D milling. It also handles 2.5-D milling, which involves movement in only two axes at a time. With the software, operators can machine items such as mold cores and cavities, mold bases and tooling in a single setup.

What’s new? Version 2019.1. This new version is expected to be released in the U.S. as early as this month. It has improved job management, which offers the option to more easily change a job’s ID. Programming the milling of threads also has been simplified.

Benefits More efficient machining. The Surface Precision Mode allows for production of ultra-smooth surfaces, while Five-axis Prismatic Fillet Finishing improves roughing and finishing by offering tool paths optimized for conical barrel cutters, improving surface quality and reducing cutting time.

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