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Software provides precise print jobs

Issue: January 2019

Simplify3D Simplify3D’s software of the same name supports more than 50 fused-filament-fabrication printers from a wide range of manufacturers, including 3D Platform, BCN3D Technologies, Sharebot US, Leapfrog and German RepRap GmbH. Features include model setup and plating, slicing and print file creation, pre-print simulations, support structure generation, mesh analysis and repair, and machine control and monitoring.

What’s new? Version 4.1, which provides extended capabilities, including automatic collision avoidance, better tool paths for improved print quality, more accurate print-time estimates and enhancements for printing complex parts or multiple parts simultaneously or sequentially. The new version also is designed to assist users with print jobs involving as many as six extruder heads; shown is an image of a part for a multi-material turbo housing. In addition, the new version also can alter solid layers within a print to create a stronger bond with the outer shell of the model. It is available as a free upgrade to all existing Version 4.0 customers, or by purchase of an expiration-free license.

Benefits Improved, precise print jobs. With the software, users can better customize their parts and optimize support structures. They also can spot and prevent issues that could lead to failed prints.

Simplify3D, Cincinnati, 513-802-5011, www.simplify3d.com