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Ross Systems bundles its control panel equipment

Issue: January 2019

Control panels Ross Systems and Controls (SysCon) is offering a new line of specialized control panels for use with high-horsepower equipment in hazardous locations. Each explosion-proof control panel is paired with a NEMA 12 main power panel housing a high-voltage variable frequency drive (VFD). The panel shown in the photo is designed for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous environments and features a user-friendly color display.

What’s new? Packages that include all the equipment as one system. Previously, customers would buy individual pieces or supply some pieces, such as the VFD, themselves. Each system is made to order.

Benefits Speed of installation. Each package has matching terminals in both enclosures, which cuts on-site installation time. The ability to install the main power panel outside the hazardous area offers an economical solution to deal with the VFD’s high heat output.

Ross Systems and Controls, Savannah, Ga., 912-238-5800, www.rosssyscon.com