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Latest balance smaller, more accurate

Issue: January 2019

XSR Analytical This line of Mettler Toledo balances is suited for quality-assurance work. Designed for ergonomics, the balances have a weighing chamber that permits access from both the left and right. Each balance comes with an intuitive, glove-compatible touch screen and motorized draft shield doors that can automatically open and close according to specific requirements. The balances also have a weighing pan that minimizes air turbulence, enabling specimens to settle much faster than they would on traditional weighing pans. A function known as Status-Light ensures that the setup is proper.

What’s new? The series, which launched a few months ago. Compared with previous products, balances in the XSR Analytical line are about 10 percent smaller.

Benefits Convenience, accuracy and ease of use. Depending on the model and application, the smallest difference between any two measured points — also known as readability — on one of the balances is as low as 0.01 milligram (mg). The balances have been designed to reduce repetitive-use strain; for instance, the weighing pan is positioned so that operators can rest their hands on the table during manual dosing. In addition, the draft shield and weighing pan can be disassembled easily in seconds and the tray underneath simply slides out. For further convenience, the balances have integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces.

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