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Image software improves interface

Issue: January 2019

dhs Image Database dhs Dietermann & Heuser Solution’s image management software can be used with a wide variety of devices, from microscopes to macroscopes. It can archive images, automate the production of quality-assurance documentation, perform 2-D measurement of components and evaluate their cleanliness.

What’s new? Version 17, which was released in September. The user interface has been updated, and all modules have been standardized. Image acquisition speed also is faster.

Benefits Wide applicability. With a suitable camera and magnification equipment, the software can be used to analyze individual layers of blown films or plastic products created in clean rooms and measure weld seams or coating thicknesses.

dhs Dietermann & Heuser Solution GmbH, Greifenstein-Beilstein, Germany, 49-2779-91200, www.dhssolution.com