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FX2 controller gets an upgrade

Issue: April 2016
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FX2 NovaNet Novatec has upgraded its FlexXpand controller with even more capabilities. This new version of the plantwide operator-access system can control a full range of Novatec’s conveying components, including vacuum pumps and receivers, material source valves and material selection stations. Every FX2 NovaNet control can be accessed via web browser by any networked computer, as well as by smartphones and tablets. 

What’s new? The FX2 NovaNet version, which hit the market in February. It can directly control Novatec conveying equipment and Novatec’s central drying systems, providing access to as many as four dryers,  160 receivers, 20 vacuum pumps, 48 drying hoppers and 32 Novatec weigh scale blenders. It can also monitor off-site equipment, such as Novatec’s train car unloaders and silo sensors, and downstream extrusion equipment such as cutters, pullers and saws.

Benefits Easy, reliable control and monitoring of equipment. The system provides access to a large array of auxiliary machines, with plant personnel able to view all operations on HMIs throughout the plant.

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