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Engel enhances its water manifold

Wed, Nov 07, 2018

e-flomo Engel’s electronic temperature-control water manifold is used to cool injection molds and can handle water temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike a typical water manifold, e-flomo also incorporates electrical control valves that allow flow rates to be adjusted and controlled automatically.

What’s new? The ability to automatically and sequentially blow the water out of the manifold circuits in the mold. This ensures that water and any dirt left in the temperature-control channels is completely removed before the mold or mold inserts are removed. The upgraded e-flomo will be available in North America in January.

Benefits Corrosion prevention through optimal ventilation of the temperature-control channels. Compared to manual blowout, the automated process saves time, is more effective and can allow molds to go longer without maintenance.

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