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Chiller controller manages dew point

Issue: January 2019

Chillers Delta T Systems offers variable-speed water-cooled and air-cooled chillers that work with injection molding and blow molding machines and provide cooling capacities from 1 ton to as much as 300 tons when used together in modules. The chillers come standard with on-board ambient temperature and humidity sensors.

What’s new? The chillers’ controller. It is easier to use and includes a function the company says is unique to Delta T chillers: the ability to monitor and adjust the set-point temperature to adapt to the ambient dew point, which prevents condensation. The second generation of the control program started shipping standard with new chillers recently, and customers can request the software update for their chillers.

Benefits Decreased scrap rates. Condensation on molds can harm part quality, lead to corrosion on molds or machinery and cause slip hazards. Using the chiller’s new capability can also save energy costs by making it unnecessary to air-condition the plant floor to control condensation.

Delta T Systems, Richfield, Wis., 262-628-0331, www.deltatsys.com