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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine January 24, 2019

Auxiliary Equipment


Chiller controller manages dew point

Delta T Systems offers variable-speed water-cooled and air-cooled chillers that work with injection molding and blow molding machines and provide cooling capacities from 1 ton to as much as 300 tons when used together in modules.

Triple-shaft mixer has many upgrades

The VMC-150 from Charles Ross is a customized 150-gallon, triple-shaft mixer and features three independently operable agitators. 


Primary Equipment


Gluco vertical presses gain Keba controllers

Gluco’s vertical-clamping injection molding machines offer either vertical or horizontal injection and have clamping forces ranging from 15 tons to 300 tons.

Printer can produce parts in full color

Rize’s newest 3-D printer, the XRize, extrudes engineering-grade thermoplastics while simultaneously jetting color inks through industrial printheads, allowing it to produce full-color plastic and composite parts.


Innovation Extras


Faro rolls out entry-level portable arm for metrology

Faro has expanded its line of portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arms, which can be used for a range of tasks, including quality control, CAD-based inspection and rapid prototyping, with the budget-conscious Quantum E FaroArm.

Measuring system adds noncontact sensor

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s O-Inspect coordinate measuring machine, which has optical and contact measuring sensors, is now available with DotScan, an optional, third measuring method.


Molds & Tooling


Sodick debuts large drop-tank EDM unit

Sodick launched the ALN800G, which it says is the world’s largest drop-tank wire electrical discharge machining unit.  

Hasco devices use color codes to indicate status of a mold

This status indicator device from Hasco is used to color code an injection mold to indicate its condition, such as if it requires maintenance or is ready for production.


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Brad Faulkner, technical support manager for Maruka USA, gives an overview of the Toyo injection molding machine control system and talks about machine features, including temperature control, accessibility, ease of use, torque monitoring, mold protection and production control.

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