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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine November 8, 2018

Auxiliary Equipment


Loaders get new sizes, options

Wittmann Battenfeld’s Feedmax basic series of central material loaders for vacuum conveying systems is suited for conveying materials over long distances. 

Cartridge replacement is now easier for screen changers

The slide plate screen changers in Nordson's BKG NorCon EH-U series come with a wide range of bore sizes, screen diameters, heater requirements and unit weights, and offer a range of throughputs. 


Innovation Extras


Data logger portable, offers real-time analysis

MadgeTech’s Titan S8 data logger — a device that uses a sensor and microprocessor to record and store data in real time about conditions such as temperature, humidity and motion — has eight channel inputs that give users the power to validate equipment and improve process monitoring. 

Mobile safety unit stores LOTO devices

The new Lockpoint Mobile Safety Center from Abus is used to store lockout/tagout (LOTO) devices and documents. 


Primary Equipment


Sodick press gains global platform version

Sodick’s 66-ton GL60A horizontal molding machine features its two-stage V-Line plunger system for consistent shot volumes and melt densities.

Thermoformer gets advanced controls

To meet the needs of manufacturers of sophisticated parts, the new T-System thermoforming series from Cannon comes with advanced controls. 


Molds & Tooling


Meusburger seals can take on high heat

Meusburger’s O-ring seals come in several sizes and are used in injection molds to seal components that carry water for regulating mold temperature.

Seco's face-milling cutters handle range of materials

Offering eight multi-edge insert cutting edges, Seco’s new Double Quattromill 22 face-milling cutters feature high-axial rake angles and are appropriate for roughing and semi-finishing.


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Robotic assembly for I-PEX connectors

The latest collaborative robot from Taiwan's Techman Robot demonstrates assembly of an I-PEX electrical connector.

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