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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine January 10, 2019

Primary Equipment


Engel presses get updated CC300 controller

Engel has upgraded the CC300 controller for its injection molding machines, which include hydraulic, electric, horizontal and vertical models for applications ranging from precision micro parts to large automotive components.

BigRep printer creates large-scale parts

Using engineering-grade materials, BigRep’s newest industrial 3-D printer, the Pro, can produce end-use parts, as well as prototypes and tooling.


Auxiliary Equipment


FarragTech's smaller dehumidifier features upgraded controller

The Mould Area Protector XS, or MAP XS, dehumidifier from FarragTech can handle areas of about 77 cubic feet. 

In-mold labeling system offers speed, efficiency

Wittmann Battenfeld’s new W837 pro in-mold labeling system features 11 servo axes that allow it to simultaneously separate labels, insert them into an injection mold and remove finished parts.


Molds & Tooling


New cylinders move mold components

Available in an array of mounting styles, Cumsa’s new hydraulic cylinders can be used to move ejector plates, cores and other components within a mold. 

Grinding unit adds automation

Designed in Germany and built in the Czech Republic, the Helitronic Power 400 is a second-generation grinding machine from Walter Maschinenbau GmbH that is suited to making dies and molds.


Innovation Extras


Relays protect against leaking

Carlo Gavazzi's DEA71 and DEB71 earth-leakage-monitoring relays provide protection against leaking current that could cause fire.

Rotary head cleans parts using ionized air

To combat dust, which can lead to costly part defects, the rotary head of Fraser Anti-Static Techniques’ 4900 Roto-Clean produces a stream of pulsating ionized air that removes static and blows off contaminants. 


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Sepro's OptiCycle reduces cycle time

Sepro's OptiCycle optimizes robot movement and reduces overall cycle time on all injection molding machines equipped with Sepro robots. It is available with new and existing robots.

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