• Ross Systems bundles its control panel equipment

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019

    Ross Systems and Controls (SysCon) is offering a new line of specialized control panels for use with high-horsepower equipment in hazardous locations. 

  • Sodick debuts large drop-tank EDM unit

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019

    Sodick launched the ALN800G, which it says is the world’s largest drop-tank wire electrical discharge machining unit.  

  • Chiller controller manages dew point

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019

    Delta T Systems offers variable-speed water-cooled and air-cooled chillers that work with injection molding and blow molding machines and provide cooling capacities from 1 ton to as much as 300 tons when used together in modules.

  • Gluco vertical presses gain Keba controllers

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019

    Gluco’s vertical-clamping injection molding machines offer either vertical or horizontal injection and have clamping forces ranging from 15 tons to 300 tons.

  • Printer can produce parts in full color

    Tue, Jan 15, 2019

    Rize’s newest 3-D printer, the XRize, extrudes engineering-grade thermoplastics while simultaneously jetting color inks through industrial printheads, allowing it to produce full-color plastic and composite parts.

  • Software provides precise print jobs

    Sat, Jan 12, 2019

    Simplify3D’s software of the same name supports more than 50 fused-filament-fabrication printers from a wide range of manufacturers, including 3D Platform, BCN3D Technologies, Sharebot US, Leapfrog and German RepRap GmbH. 

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  • Conair rethinks materials conveying with vacuum power

    Issue: January 2019

    For one plastics processor, conventional conveying approaches were falling short. That’s when the company turned to Wave Conveying — a patented technology from Conair that makes it possible to move any type of resin at a constant velocity over long distances with minimal damage to material... [more]

  • Automation Plastics produces precision, large parts

    Issue: January 2019

    Walk through custom injection molder Automation Plastics’ plant and you will find two extremes. Some of the presses are turning out millions of tiny precision-molded parts, while other presses are producing precision parts with 3-inch thick walls that weigh more than 20 pounds each. “One... [more]

  • Circular approach rounds up space

    Issue: January 2019

    Riverside Medical Packaging Co. Ltd., based in Derby, England, which makes blister packs, has found a remedy for the headaches it got using other companies’ thermoformers — it invented its own. Known as Shawpak thermoformers in Europe, or as SP Thermoforming machines in the U.S., the new,... [more]

  • Amut conveyor has ergonomic benefits

    Issue: January 2019

    Amut, which makes equipment for a wide variety of processes, including extrusion and thermoforming, is offering a new ergonomic conveyor for transporting thermoformed products. The Easy Lift conveyor from Amut North America is ideal for transporting thermoformed products./Amut North America The Easy... [more]

  • Epson launches SCARA, six-axis robots

    Issue: January 2019

    Epson Robots added a second model to its Flexion N series of six-axis robots, which features an arm that folds under itself to save space, and introduced a Synthis T SCARA robot. The Flexion N6 joins the Flexion N2, which launched the product line in 2017. The Flexion N6 has a reach of 3.3 feet and can... [more]

  • New Alpha die technology allows blown film flexibility

    Issue: January 2019

    Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies has introduced its new Layer Sequence Alpha Dual Spiral System (LSADSS) die technology, which offers blown film manufacturers more flexibility to design rugged film structures for use in end markets such as packaging, health care, food, agriculture and construction.... [more]

  • Haitian, Woojin Plaimm debut presses

    Issue: January 2019

    Haitian showed at Fakuma a new model of its popular Zhafir Zeres line of electric injection molding presses called the Multi-Series. Haitian’s Multi-Series all-electric injection molding press/Absolute Haitian Corp. It is the first all-electric Haitian molding machine with a second injection unit.... [more]

  • There are good reasons not to miss the K show

    Issue: January 2019

    Every three years, you have an opportunity to attend the K show in Germany, but most of the people reading this column don’t take it. That is a shame, because it is an opportunity to see more equipment in operation, talk to more experts and see the very latest plastics processing equipment. You... [more]

  • Preforms heated inside and out

    Issue: January 2019

    Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, has invented a system that overcomes the problem of uneven heating of bottle preforms prior to blow molding. Some heating systems warm the outer surface of the preform to the appropriate temperature for blow molding while the inner planes of the preform remain too cool.... [more]

  • Geiss drives forming tech ahead

    Issue: January 2019

    Manfred Geiss joined his father’s mold making and thermoforming machinery manufacturing company and together they built a business best known for its innovation and industry-leading technology. Once known as Geiss Fabrik, Geiss AG serves as the model of how a successful, mid-sized, family-owned... [more]

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